Working with leading brands and agencies to create custom models and artwork for use in amazing campaigns.

You can now book online and rent our giant paper flowers instantly here.

Brands we’ve worked with include Gucci, L’oreal, National Gallery Victoria, Spotlight, Bendigo Bank, Uniqlo and Westfield.

We provide fast feedback and rapid prototyping to ensure your finished assets are on-brief and on-time.

We can deliver custom paper creations for your video and photography, work with your team in the studio or run end-to-end production if you prefer.

Our work ranges across mediums from a pure handmade aesthetic to “I can’t believe it’s paper”. Whether you need super-sized, miniature scale or something in between – take a look at some of our work and let us know what you’re looking for.

Considering paper models for use in your next campaign? Contact us now to discuss options.