Project Description


Bendigo Bank wanted unique paper models for use in an in-store campaign across over 500 branches and lasting more than 6 months. A large campaign for Australia’s 5th largest bank, this would be supported by posters, brochures and digital.


The challenge was to create paper models that met the client brief, could be constructed from paper/card and could be photographed to produced the desired effect.

For this long-running national campaign, it was critical to run extensive prototyping with rapid feedback so that all questions were solved before we headed into the studio.

The photographers we worked with in the studio did a fantastic job and, at first glance, many people don’t realise they’re looking at a real photograph rather than a digital model.

Over 20 individual paper models were created to bring the campaign to life. These used a mix of modelling techniques to create figurines, A380 aeroplanes, trees, houses, puddles and almost everything else you can see in the folio images. The finished artwork was used in windows and in-store across almost 600 branches for over 6 months, supported by leaflets using the artwork to promote Bendigo Bank’s products. The assets were also used by the digital team to restyle the Bendigo Bank website.


Agency: Miss Bossy Boots & Cummins and Partners

Photography: Jesper Neilson Photography