Events: Custom paper creations and premium onsite experiences

Events are a core part of our practice.

Whether we’re working with your stylist to bring your dreams to life – or our artists are onsite to deliver premium experiences and educational workshops.

Here are 3 ways we can help:

1. Bringing your stylist’s dreams to life

You want beautiful handmade creations – but working with artists makes you a little.. Nervous. We get you. We deliver on-time and on-brief, with fast prototyping so there are no unplanned surprises. From huge flower walls to intricate guest gifts, we’ve got you covered. When it comes to installation we’re as comfortable in hi-vis as in the studio. We’re there on-time with all the equipment for last minute adjustments – adding the extra touch of sparkle for your audience.

2. Premium onsite experiences

We love to work with audiences. Whether it’s an intimate in-store, glamorous evening or onstage public event – you can rely on our approach and professionalism. Get in touch and find out why we’re trusted as guest artists by Gucci and the Royal Melbourne Show.

3. Educational workshops

We run creative and educational workshops at all levels. Our regular customers include corporates, galleries, libraries, schools and local government. We can tailor classes to specific exhibitions, as we’ve done for galleries including National Gallery Victoria. We can also provide off-the-shelf classes for education, team building or public events. Contact us to learn more.

Planning an event? Contact us now to learn more about our work.

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