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We (The City of Greater Dandenong) engaged Louise to facilitate a series of origami crane workshops throughout our municipality. Our goal as a community was to reach 1001 folded cranes, each representing a hope, wish or prayer. Louise facilitated workshops at primary schools, local community centres and various pop up locations. Louise was both flexible to our needs and that of our community. Her engaging, friendly approach was a vital component in the success of our project.
Greer Davis, City of Greater Dandenong
Paperlab have greatly contributed to building a sense of community at Boyd Community Hub in Southbank. While the word community is a tricky concept to define…… it could be; a group of people who come together for a common interest such as creating exquisite paper craft. However Paperlab have transcended this definition by always volunteering to be part of something bigger, such as Boyd’s first birthday celebration on July 7 where over 100 people came together to make and install the 1000 cranes that grace the balustrade on the stairs at Boyd. Thank you to Paperlab for helping Boyd to be a vibrant and buzzing community centre
Natalie Warren, Community Animator at Boyd


Fantastic.  Thank you so much. It was really well run and very engaging. Wonderful to learn from an artist overseas as really amazing.  And for it to be free!”
“Had a fun time. Lovely teacher, therapeutic!”
“Wonderful,  the artist’s work is excellent. Transformed beautifully to an Australian audience and her presentation was lovely.
Kirigami participants, Kanako Yaguchi Workshop with Japanese Consulate Melbourne