Vegan Taxidermy and the art of Paper Birds

A few weeks back I caught up with a real life Vegan Taxidermist. Vegan Taxidermy? Yes. Aimee Baldwin – a Californian based sculptor with a love of all things feathered and winged – creates beautifully life-like paper bird sculptures that look…well…um… real. One look will have you exclaiming “I can’t believe it’s just paper!”

Stay tuned for my interview with Paper Bird artist Vegan Taxidermy…

  Falco sparverius 2008 - Vegan Taxidermy Some exciting news folks! Over the weekend I caught up with the lovely Aimee Baldwin from Vegan Taxidermy to pick her brain on all things paper art and sculpture. In particular her incredible paper bird sculptures - completely handmade and from PAPER!! Gah!   Full interview