Vegan Taxidermy and the art of Paper Birds

A few weeks back I caught up with a real life Vegan Taxidermist. Vegan Taxidermy? Yes. Aimee Baldwin – a Californian based sculptor with a love of all things feathered and winged – creates beautifully life-like paper bird sculptures that look…well…um… real. One look will have you exclaiming “I can’t believe it’s just paper!”

3D Paper Art & Sculpture success with Laneway Learning!

Last Tuesday Paperlou met with the Laneway Learning team and ran a little workshop on 3D Paper Art & Sculpture. The class was sold out in record time and for 1.5hrs Paperlou took the lucky few on a mini journey into the incredible world of 3D Paper Art & Sculpture! Paper Engineers and artists such

Stay tuned for my interview with Paper Bird artist Vegan Taxidermy…

  Falco sparverius 2008 - Vegan Taxidermy Some exciting news folks! Over the weekend I caught up with the lovely Aimee Baldwin from Vegan Taxidermy to pick her brain on all things paper art and sculpture. In particular her incredible paper bird sculptures - completely handmade and from PAPER!! Gah!   Full interview