Yes! My chance to finally get a sneaky peaky into the burrows of many artisans that live and create in the gorgeous Nicholas Building in Melbourne.  It’s a bit sad that I’ve only ever made it up to the Retro Star Vintage floor but in all honesty it’s not my fault. You see, I always thought the rest of the floors weren’t open to the public – only to the artistically creative peeps.

But for 2 nights, as part of the Craft Cubed program, many of these wonderful artists and designers opened their space to share with the outside world.  And what a melting pot of diverse talent it is!

I met with vintage haberdashery and kimonos as well as lovely photographic galleries and jewellers. To my delight two of my favourite Melbourne artists reside in the Nicholas Building and I got to say hello!

Although not strictly paper – Tim Fleming of Flatland Ok – offers handcrafted special things and he also puts together some weird and witty little comics so I think that means I can mention him here. His designs are totally awesome and cool and you can get your hands on some from places like Craft Victoria or contact Tim directly here.

Another great artist I had the pleasure of chatting to was Jessica Singh – an incredibly talented illustrator who combines a range of mediums to create beautifully colourful pieces that really take my breath away. AND she loves folding miniature paper cranes!! I knew there was another reason I liked this girl! On the 29th August she will battle it out in an ‘artoff’ (not sure that’s a word…) as part of Secret Walls in Melbourne. Come along to cheer and support Jessica and maybe have a bevvy or 2!


So do yourself a favour and take a stroll to through the Nicholas Building sometime… you never know who you might find!