Score! I won a ticket to the Craft & Design as a career event – one of the keynote events as part of the annual Craft Cubed festival in Victoria.  A huge FRANKS to Frankie magazine for my free ticket – they agreed that my mitts needed some crafty love.

It’s that time of year again when Craft Victoria showcase some great events for the Craft Cubed festival.  Over 5 weeks the team collaborate with a bunch of Victorian designers, artists, (yarn)trepeneurs, crafty kids and generally creative folk to run a series of talks, workshops, open studios and crafty good times.

Listening to some fabulous stories and inspiring words at the Craft & Design as a Career event, I noticed that one ongoing theme from many of the speakers was “Do what you love and the rest will follow”.  There’s no doubt that each of these individuals have HUGE amounts of talent but I guess what they also have is conviction and belief in following their dreams. Sounds kinda corny I know, but for many that’s how they have ended up doing what they love – for a living.  They just kinda kept going and persevered and just kept swimming.

Whether it was the colourful designs from Beci Orpin or the crafty cuteness of Hello Sandwich – one thing was for sure – these guys have always stuck to doing what they love.  Sure it hasn’t been easy and for many it didn’t just happen overnight, but what is inspiring is that it DID happen and they ARE doing it.

Hearing Yarntrapeneur Kylie Gusset’s incredible story of how she raised almost $40k with Pozible – the highest amount raised thus far on the crowdfunding platform – was enough to make most people jump outta their seats and yell “sign me up!” $40k…. from people… out there…. whoa…

So thanks guys – this kinda thing was the kick up the bum most of us need to just go out and do it.