48 hours or so until THE craft party to end all craft parties takes place…eeekkkkk! The goodie bags have been packed, the guestlists have been checked, the paper has been sorted and all in all WE ARE READY.



Our HUGE 1000 paper crane installation takes place Sunday 7th July at the wonderful Boyd Building in Southbank from 2-5pm.  The mad folding session will have over 100 participants bringing to life 1000 colourful paper cranes and it is the perfect way to Craft for Community in the spirit of Etsy’s Craft Party 2013 and also celebrate Boyd’s 1st birthday.  We couldn’t think of a better excuse to bring together the Melbourne crafty folk then to create something wonderful that we can all enjoy and be proud of!

The day will be filled with colourful origami paper (over 2000 sheets just in case!), nimble fingers, happy faces, glitter, music, sugary treats and a generally fantastic, positive vibe.


Other activities include:

  • Australian Book Review Open Studio & book giveaway
  • Cartooning Workshop with Brent Harpur
  • Gardening for small spaces with Sandi Pulman
  • Tai Chi demonstrations
  • Face painting for kids (and maybe big kids too!)
  • Live music from the Lucca Strings Ensemble, Melbourne Ukelele Kollective (bring your own Uke to join the fun!) and Levi McGrath

Boyd’s onsite cafe – Kere Kere – will also be open and serving FREE afternoon tea!

A few people have asked “Why 1000 paper cranes?” so here is the answer –


Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes

When I was 8 I heard Sadako’s story for the first time. I remember being in awe of this little girl who showed so much bravery, so much courage and was totally overwhelmed by her fighting spirit and the legacy she left behind. At the time I had never heard anything more sad or beautiful and I remember thinking “One day I’ll fold 1000 paper cranes for Sadako”. So I honed my skills and became an avid paper crane folder using every single square sheet I could find… no square was too small!

We are now in 2013 and although Sadako’s story has never left me the idea I had as a kid, to fold 1000 paper cranes for her, hasn’t quite happened. Until now.

I was overjoyed when I read that the theme for the Etsy Craft Party this year was Craft for Community.  Finally I had it! Sadako’s 1000 paper cranes could come to life by bringing together a fabulous group of people for a HUGE craft party! Folding is a whole lot better with friends.

It doesn’t matter if you fold 1, 10 or 20 cranes on the day because just by being there and contributing you become a part of something bigger and more wonderful than you or I could do alone. I hope that for a lot of people Sunday is a moment to share in a bright explosion of colour and creativity.

Traditionally 1000 paper cranes are called Senbazuru and the ancient Japanese legend promises that anyone folding 1000 paper cranes will be granted a wish.

My wish is that by Crafting for Community on Sunday 7th July many new friendships are made, much laughter is heard and 1000 colourful, rainbow cranes come to life for countless people to enjoy.

May the fold be with you!