3D Paper Art & Sculpture success with Laneway Learning!

3D Paper Art & Sculpture success with Laneway Learning!

Last Tuesday Paperlou met with the Laneway Learning team and ran a little workshop on 3D Paper Art & Sculpture.

The class was sold out in record time and for 1.5hrs Paperlou took the lucky few on a mini journey into the incredible world of 3D Paper Art & Sculpture!

Paper Engineers and artists such as Anna Wili-Highfield, Benja Harney, Zoe Bradley, Vegan Taxidermy and many others were featured to showcase the paper possibilities in the world of High Fashion, Design and Sculpture.

It really was a bit of “Origami on steroids” and by the end of the class we lost count of the “I can’t believe it’s just paper” gasps.  Attendees also got to get hands on and create a couple of pretty paper pieces – a Kusudama flower and a Slotted Sphere – all on trend too in crazy neons and pastel hues!

Check out some pics of the excellent evening below:

Paperlou talks paper art & sculpture

Amazing paper sculpture – Anna Wili-Highfield for Hermes

Laneway Learning Paper art fun

Precision, precision, precision!

Pretty petals all in a row

Flower done.. Now onto this sphere!

Slotted sphere fun – oohhh pretty neon!

Success! Kusudama flowers and slotted spheres!

A special thanks to Laneway Learning for hosting Paperlab and letting Paperlou share her inner paper nerdiness with others.  Check out more cool classes from Laneway Learning.

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  1. August and Craft Cubed October 15, 2012 at 11:32 am - Reply

    […] We then started Craft Cubed proper by getting creative with paper. We made some gorgeous sculptures in 3D Paper Art – Paper Sculptures with Louise Seymour, aka PaperLou from PaperLab, who has been obsessed with paper ever since she was a little girl. Starting off with a slide show of some magnificent projects created by the giants of the paper world (the incredibly realistic bird was definitely my favourite) our enthusiasm for paper was let loose and we continued to cut, fold and glue our way through the night. You can read PaperLou’s own blog post about her evening at Laneway Learning here. […]

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