Etsy Craft Party 2015

Kaleidoscope: Paper Taking Shape

Paper : An Exhibition

Paper : An Exhibition

Craft Party madness

Craft Party Madness has hit! Sunday 7th July 1000 paper cranes come to life...

Kanako Yaguchi – Kirigami extraordinaire!

Our recap on our Kirigami evening with Kanako Yaguchi..

Papercut Art from Etsy’s Henni & Bean – An Interview

Learn all about Papercutting from PaperLou's conversation with Etsy's Henni & Bean. Paper cut art from a local Melbourne crafter.

Vegan Taxidermy and the art of Paper Birds

A few weeks back I caught up with a real life Vegan Taxidermist. Vegan Taxidermy? Yes. Aimee Baldwin – a Californian based sculptor with a love of all things feathered and winged – creates beautifully life-like paper bird sculptures that look…well…um… real. One look will have you exclaiming “I can’t believe it’s just paper!”

3D Paper Art & Sculpture success with Laneway Learning!

Last Tuesday Paperlou met with the Laneway Learning team and ran a little workshop on 3D Paper Art & Sculpture. The class was sold out in record time and for 1.5hrs Paperlou took the lucky few on a mini journey into the incredible world of 3D Paper Art & Sculpture! Paper Engineers and artists such

Stay tuned for my interview with Paper Bird artist Vegan Taxidermy…

  Falco sparverius 2008 - Vegan Taxidermy Some exciting news folks! Over the weekend I caught up with the lovely Aimee Baldwin from Vegan Taxidermy to pick her brain on all things paper art and sculpture. In particular her incredible paper bird sculptures - completely handmade and from PAPER!! Gah!   Full interview

Laneway Learning… Paperlab style!

Hey there crafty hipster kids! Want to get a taster of our 3D paper art & sculpture workshop? Our friends over at Laneway Learning have invited PaperLou to teach a cool class at funky Melbourne laneway cafe The Little Mule! Join us at our Laneway Learning debut on Tuesday 7th August @6.16pm for a chance

It’s ALIVE!!!

    YAY! Welcome to day 1 of on the internets! We are so happy to be out there on the big wide web and look forward to sharing some cool stuff with all you paper fanatics. Over the next week or so we will launch our Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and You Tube channels